Event Staff  Guidelines and Expectations

This page outlines essential guidelines and expectations for individuals in participating as tournament staff with FacetoFaceGames.com. Whether you’ve worked with us before or are considering joining our team, it is important to familiarize yourself with these expectations to contribute to the success of our events. This document is intended for retail staff, operations staff, and judge staff.


Your actions, both during the event and outside those responsibilities, have a profound impact. Upholding integrity should be a top priority, emphasizing the importance of fair play and respectful conduct. Being a positive and upstanding individual, both within and outside events, is key to maintaining the integrity of our tournaments and your integrity as an individual.

Uniform Guidelines:

  • Please wear black pants or a skirt
  • Wear comfortable, preferably black, shoes
  • If you have a Face to Face Games black judge/staff polo, please bring it. 
  • First-time staff will receive shirts, however, we won’t provide new shirts for those who already have them.

Communication Expectations:

If accepted to work an event with us, your head judge and/or team lead will contact you via email before the event. Please pay attention to these emails for details regarding your roles and call times.

Our Expectations:

  1. Customer Service:
    • Provide a consistently positive experience for everyone present.
    • Facilitate a welcoming environment.
    • Treat vendors, spectators, guests, and fellow judges/ employees with respect and exercise diplomacy in interactions. 
  2. Urgency:
    • Respect the time of the competitors and customers by prioritizing time-sensitive tasks.
    • Grant retail customers the urgency they deserve
  3. Professionalism:
    • Maintain professional conduct and appearance at the event.
    • Keep judge/staff areas and play areas organized and clean.
    • Refrain from personal business (trading, shopping, etc.) 
    • Attend to judge calls/ answer retail questions when in uniform.
  4. Health and Safety:
    • Adhere to local health regulations.
    • Refrain from attending if you are unwell or exhibiting symptoms of illness. 
    • Ensure the event space is safe and welcoming for everyone. 


We welcome feedback on our events and processes. Your insights help us improve and deliver even better experiences. Thank you for considering being a part of our team.

Event Schedule:

To find information about our upcoming events, check out our Event Schedule.