F2F Tour Qualifiers

Welcome to your all-in-one info page for all things Qualifiers! Here you’ll find information about what a Qualifier is, where to find them, and what the prizing looks like! You can find Qualifiers at your Local Game Store, the F2F Tour, and at Destination Events. Qualifiers are your first step to conquering the Pro Tour and the World Championship, so be sure to stay up to date on Qualifiers near you!

A Qualifier awards invitations to the Regional Championship for top finishers. Get on that grind and leave your mark by attending one of many different types of Qualifiers!

Qualify at the F2F Tour

Both at Tour Weekends and Tour Stops, you will find multiple different ways to Qualify for the Regional Championship, including:

Super Qualifiers – These events have a sliding scale of invitations and prizes based on attendance.

Qualifier+ – Smaller, but just as competitive events that offer 4 invites to the Regional Championship.

Friday Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQs) – Try your hand at these single elimination events where you compete against 15 others to earn your invite for the Regional Championship. Friday LCQs are only offered during Tour Weekends. 

Any Qualifier events on the Friday of a Tour Weekend will qualify you for an invitation to the Regional Championship that weekend, unless advertised otherwise.

Qualify at Your LGS

Your Local Game Store also offers a number of exciting Qualifier events. These will either be Qualifiers, which offer one invitation, or Qualifier+ events, which offer 4 invitations. 

Further, be sure to keep an eye out for any In-Store Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQs) that are being hosted by your Local Game Store! These events are one of your last opportunities to qualify for the Regional Championship, so be sure not to miss out! For more information on the structure of the In-Store Last Chance Qualifiers, please contact your Local Game Store. To find out when these events are, check out our Event Calendar and search for “LCQ”.

If you are a Local Game Store, and wish to find more information on how to host a Qualifier, click here. Or, if you are looking to apply for a kit, click here!

Exclusive Promos

In addition to invitations to the Regional Championship, Qualifier events award players with exclusive promos, available for participation as well as top performances. These change with every Round, so make sure to play in Qualifiers every Round in order to secure your exclusive promos!

Round 7 Promos

What Are Rounds?

Qualifier events take place during Rounds, which are two to four month qualifying periods prior to the Regional Championship (RC). Qualifiers can be held anywhere in Canada.

Round 6 Qualifiers

January 6, 2024 – March 24, 2024 – Standard / Sealed Deck

Players will compete in these Qualifiers for an invitation to the Regional Championship of that Round. 

Here are the dates and locations for the upcoming Regional Championships. There is one Regional Championship per Round.

Round 6