Qualifiers are your first step towards the Pro Tour and World Championships!

Play in one of our many qualifiers all across Canada. Qualifiers can be found at:

  • Your local game store (LGS).
  • F2F Tour 
  • Destination Events

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Qualifiers award invitations to top players for the F2F Tour Regional Championships. 

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Types of Qualifiers

There are 4 types of qualifiers:

  • Qualifiers – Held at your LGS or as a side event at larger events, these grant one invitation to Regional Championships.
  • Qualifier+  – Held at larger LGSs and events, these grant invitations to the regional champion to the top 4 players.
  • Super Qualifier – Held at F2F Tour and Destination events, these have a sliding scale of invitations based on attendance.
  • Last Chance Qualifier – Held in LGS on the weekends before Regional Championships, these events give 8 invitations to top competitors. There is also one Last Chance Qualifier on the Friday of each Tour Weekend.

Exclusive Promos

Exclusive promos are available both for participation and top players. Participation promos while supplies last. Quantity of promos vary per event.

Round 4 Promos

Top Finish
Regional Championship Invite

Round 5 Promos

Top Finish
Regional Championship Invite


Qualifier events take place during Rounds. A Round is the two to four month qualifying period prior to the Regional Championships. Qualifiers are not region specific and can be held anywhere in Canada.

Round 5 Qualifiers
September 9 – December 17, 2023 – Modern/Sealed Deck

Round 6 Qualifiers
January 6, 2024 – March 24, 2024 – Standard/Sealed Deck

A RC invitation may be used at any of the Regional Championships for that Round.

Here are the dates and locations for the Round 4 Regional Championships:

Starting with Round, there will be one Regional Championship per Round.