What’s a Tour Weekend?

Tour Weekends are the biggest Magic: The Gathering Celebrations of the year. These three day events bring together the best MTG players from around Canada to celebrate everything magic! Tour Weekends are also packed with events for all players, from the Tour Championships that feed the Pro Tour and World Championships to our weekend long Commander Experience Pass! A must attend event for all Magic: the Gathering players. There will be 6 Tour Weekends per year, 3 in eastern Canada and 3 in western Canada. 

Tour Weekends Feature:

  • Last chance Qualifiers (Friday)
  • Tour Championships
  • Saturday and Sunday Opens
  • Commander Experience
  • Open to the public – Everyone’s invited!
  • Free hall entry!
  • Events and activities for all players

To find out more about upcoming events, check out our Events Calendar.

Tour Championships

The Tour Championships is a competitive 2-day tournament during the Tour Weekend. This tournament is Canada’s gateway to the Pro Tour and World Championships. The Tour Championships is an invitation only event with large cash prizes ($20,000 USD total), exclusive promos, and invitations for top players to the Pro Tour and World championship. 

The Tour Championships will have open decklists.

Tour Championship prize structure. All prizes in $USD

The exclusive promotional card for cycle 1 of the F2F Tour Championships is Teferi,Hero of Dominaria.

How to qualify: You can qualify for the Tour Finals by participating in the following events:

  • Qualifiers
  • Opens

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Activities / Event Details