F2F Tour Weekends

The F2F Tour Weekends are the ultimate Magic: the Gathering celebrations of the year! Over the span of three days, witness the best MTG players from across Canada show up to celebrate everything Magic!

From the high-stakes Regional Championship to our weekend-long Commander Packages, Tour Weekends cater to all players. Don’t miss out on the most thrilling Magic experience Canada has to offer – it’s all here, waiting for you!

Round 6

Activities / Event Details

  • The Command Zone: Battle it out against others in thrilling games of Commander
  • Commander Packages: Get even more out of your Commander experience
  • On-Demand Events:  Play what you want, when you want
  • Last Chance Qualifiers (Friday): Secure your invite for the Regional Championship in our Friday LCQs.
  • Super Qualifiers: The bread and butter of competitive events offered by the F2F Tour
  • Free Hall Entry! It costs nothing to come and check out the festivities!
  • Artists, cosplayers, and personalities: Come check out your favourite artists and content creators all weekend! 
  • Exclusive products, prizes, and giveaways: Earn exclusive prizes from our Prize Wall!
  • Vendors and exhibitors: Check out what the community has to offer and visit our various vendor and exhibit booths!
  • Events and activities for all MTG players: In addition to the events listed above, we also offer various Challenges and other special events!
  • Regional Championship: Compete in the most prestigious event in Canada to earn your invite to the Pro Tour and World Championship

Regional Championship

Embark on a thrilling two-day tournament during our Tour Weekend with the prestigious Regional Championship. As Canada’s gateway to the Pro Tour and World Championship, this invitation-only event promises intense competition, substantial cash prizes totalling $40,000, exclusive promos, and the opportunity for top players to secure coveted invitations to the Pro Tour and World Championship. The Regional Championship is your chance to shine on the grandest stage of competitive Magic in Canada!

Check out the prize structure for the Round 6 Regional Championship:

Earn your invitation to the Regional Championship by participating in Qualifiers!

To find an event near you, check out our Event Calendar!

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