F2F Tour Stops

The F2F Tour is on the move, bringing a taste of our Tour Weekends directly to your local community. Join us for a day filled with:

  • Super Qualifiers
  • On-Demand Events all day!
  • The Command Zone
  • Commander Packages!
  • Special Guest Appearances
  • Content Creators
  • Qualifiers
  • Charity Events
  • Challenges
  • Invitations to the Regional Championship
  • Buy/Sell/Trade with FacetoFaceGames.com!
  • Open to everyone – it’s a public event!
  • Exclusive promos, products, and prizes at our Prize Wall!

To find out when the next Tour Stop is coming to your area, check out our schedule!

If you would like to judge or help out at a Tour Stop, apply here!

Exclusive Promos

Round 7 (April 2024 – July 2024)