What is a Tour Stop?

Tour Stops are day-long events that celebrate everything Magic: The Gathering in a city near you! Whatever your MTG style, we have something for you! Do not miss these events when they come to your town!

  • Play-events all day
  • Commander Experience packages
  • Invitations to the Tour Championships
  • Buy/Sell/Trade with FacetoFaceGames.com
  • Open to the public – Everyone’s invited!
  • Free Hall Entry

To find an event near you, click here.


Tour Stops will host the following play-events:

●   Open
●   On-demand Commander pods and drafts
●   Qualifier
●   Charity event
●   Special Set Limited event (When available)

Pave your way to the Pro Tour and World championships by participating in our Opens and Qualifiers. Each of these events gives out exclusive promos to all participants, invites to the Tour Championship, as well as a mountain of store credit.

Looking for a Commander game ? We’ve got you covered. Tour Stops feature all-day commander pods firing for as little as $5. We also have Commander Experience Packages and dedicated Commander play spaces. Bring your friends, have a blast.

Tour Stops feature all kinds of other play-events, such as charity events, drafts, and more. Find an event near you to discover what’s happening in your city.

Cycle 1

Play at any Cycle 1 Tour Stop event and access exclusive promos and packages.

For specific details, find an event near you.

Cycle 2

Here are the dates for the Cycle 2 Tour Stops:

Play at any Cycle 2 Tour Stop event and access exclusive promos and packages.

Other Activities and Events

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