Welcome to the F2F Tour: Your Gateway to the World Stage

Competitive Magic in Canada starts with the most prestigious Magic: the Gathering Premier Play in the country: The F2F Tour.

Regional Championship

Battle it out in the ultimate competitive challenge in Canada at the Regional Championship, the culmination of each Qualifier round. This competitive two-day tournament serves as Canada’s gateway to the prestigious Pro Tour and World Championship. An exclusive invitation-only event, the Regional Championship boasts a substantial $40,000 worth of cash prizing, coveted exclusive promos, and invites to the Pro Tour and World Championship for the best of the best.

Check out the prize breakdown for the Regional Championship here:

Round 6 Prize Structure

Upcoming Regional Championship Dates:

RC Format: Pioneer

Your Path to The Regional Championship

Earn your chance to become the Regional Champion by participating in Qualifiers held at your Local Game Store and larger events across Canada, including the F2F Tour and Destination Events. Top players not only receive exclusive promos but also secure invitations to the Regional Championship. Your journey to the world stage starts with Qualifiers!

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Here’s a breakdown of how the Qualifiers feed into other events:

Unlock your maximum potential and chase glory at the F2F Tour!