Join us at the F2F Tour, where every player has a chance to win! It’s more than just playing Magic; it’s an invitation to a world of fun, friendship, and fantastic prizes.

Earn Your Tickets, Claim Your Rewards

Participate in the action-packed activities at the F2F Tour and earn your Prize Tickets. The more you play, the more chances you have to claim incredible rewards. Winning is just one way to be a part of the excitement – everyone’s invited to play, earn, and have a great time!

Top Finisher Rewards: Rise to the top and snag your Prize Tickets. Each event has its own prize structure. Just remember, every game played is a victory in its own right!

Commander Pod Spoils: Join the camaraderie in our Casual Commander pods, where every participant leaves with a share of the spoils in the form of Prize Tickets and Promos!

Unexpected Surprises: Get involved in various activities and giveaways throughout the day for a shot at extra Prize Tickets. Luck might just be on your side!

What’s on the Prize Wall?

Explore the treasure trove of prizes waiting for you on our Prize Wall. From essential MTG gear to exclusive limited quantity items, there’s something for everyone:

  • Exclusive Premier Play Promos: Get your hands on exclusive promos that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
  • Booster Packs: Expand your card collection with the latest booster packs.
  • Collector Boosters: Dive into premium cards and rare finds.
  • Ultimate Guard Sleeves & Deck Boxes: Keep your cards safe and stylish with our range of accessories.
  • Ultimate Guard Exclusives: Find the latest in new & innovative products from the best gaming supply company.
  • Exclusive Event Apparel: Wear your victories with pride in limited edition event apparel.
  • Giant Limited Print Cards: Make a statement with larger-than-life collector’s items.
  • Uncut Sheets: Hold a piece of MTG history in your hands.
  • Secret Lairs: Discover exclusive and thematic collections with Secret Lairs.
  • Complete Sets: Boost your collection with complete sets of your favourite expansions.
  • Limited Edition Playmats: Showcase your passion with playmats featuring stunning artwork.
  • Singles: Find that elusive card to complete your deck or collection.
  • F2F Store Credit Vouchers: Enjoy the flexibility to choose your own rewards at any time with store credit vouchers.
  • Art Pieces: Bring the world of MTG to life with unique and captivating art pieces.

Claim Your Prizes!

The Prize Wall at the F2F Tour is your gateway to a weekend of excitement. Collect your Prize Tickets, explore the diverse selection, and claim rewards that are tailored to be a great fit for any and all Magic players!

Please note that all Prize Ticket structures are event-specific. Prize Tickets hold no cash value and are valid only at the event for which they were issued.

Join us at the F2F Tour for games, prizes, and unforgettable moments!