Welcome Commander Players!

With the help of Wizards of the Coast, the F2F Tour will be massively increasing our offerings for Commander players. The F2F Tour will be adding offerings to both our Tour Stops and Tour Weekends.

Look forward to the following:

At our Tour Stops

  • Commander Experience Packages
  • Commander pods and Commander pods+
  • Dedicated play space

Commander Experience Packages are already available for purchase at Tour Stops. These packages offer exclusive promos and playmats, collectible items, Ultimate Guard swag, and play-event vouchers.

At our Tour Weekends

  • Multi-day Commander Experience package
  • Scheduled Commander events
  • Commander Pods and Commander Pods+
  • Huge giveaways
  • Famous YouTubers and other personalities
  • Other play and non-play activities. (Somebody say pub night?)
  • Exclusive promos
  • And much much more.

Stay tuned for more details on the Commander offerings at Tour Weekends. Our first Tour Weekend will be in November of 2022.

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Exclusive Promos

Wizards of the Coast will be supplying the F2F Tour with exclusive Commander promotional cards. Sol Rings come with Commander Experience packages. Path of Ancestry will be given as a participation promo and Foil Path of Ancestry will be given at the Tour Weekends for select events. See event details for more information on how to receive yours.

Commander Pod Changes

F2F events will now have 2 types of Commander pods

  • Commander Pods
  • Commander Pods+

Commander Pods will be our $6 non-competitive play-event with prizes for all competitors. Commander Pods+ will be a new, slightly more competitive play-event, costing $10 with prizes for the winner. All Commander pods are on-demand and consist of 4 players.

Have ideas? Want to help out? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Face to Face Games is always on the lookout for new talent to improve our Commander Experiences. Click here to contact us.

To learn more about the F2F Tour in general, click here.