WPN Qualifier Event Details


Qualifier events take place during Rounds, which are two to four month qualifying periods prior to the Regional Championship (RC). Qualifiers can be held anywhere in Canada.

Players will compete in these Qualifiers for an invitation to the Regional Championship of that Round. 

Here are the dates and locations for the upcoming Regional Championships. There is one Regional Championship per Round.

Round 7 (Format: Pioneer)

Qualifiers: Event Basics

  • Entry Fee: WPN Partners may charge an appropriate entry fee for their communities. We are able to provide suggestions on effective structures upon request.
  • Format: The format of the Qualifier must match the format of the Regional Championship for that Round, or be Sealed Deck.
  • Number of Players: WPN Partners must have the space for at least 16 players. The Qualifier events require 8 or more players to launch. If there are exactly 8 players, the event must be single elimination. If there are fewer than 8 players, the event fails to launch. Following the Swiss rounds, your playoff cut will depend on the format and attendance. For 17+ players, you will always cut to the top 8. For a constructed event with 9-16 players, you will run 5 rounds with a cut to top 4. For a Sealed event with 9-16 players, you will run 4 rounds with a cut to a top 8 draft. 
  • Prizes: We encourage WPN Partners to create exciting and enticing prize structures. The details of prize structures are at the discretion of each WPN Partner. 
  • Rules Enforcement: As these events require decklists, they must be run at the Competitive Rules Enforcement level. WPN Partners are expected to have adequate tournament officials to ensure a safe, fun, and fair event. We strongly suggest a Level 2 or higher judge. 
  • Scalability: All stores are welcome to run one Qualifier per Round. If a WPN Partner would like to run an event larger than the WPN Kits can support, or wish to run more than one Qualifier in a Round, we invite them to contact F2F for scaling opportunities. These will be treated on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Invites: All invites in your Kit must be used in one event and given to the winner (Base Kit) or top four players (Plus Kit). Invites cannot be used as door prizes or split across multiple events. 

How to Apply for Kits

The application for Round 7 kits is now available here!

There are two types of kits available to run Qualifiers – the WPN Base Kit and the WPN Plus Kit.

The WPN Base Kit has a cost of $69.99 (previously $99.99) plus tax!

The WPN Plus Kit has a cost of $199.99 (previously $349.99) plus tax!

Furthermore, all Qualifiers will be featured on the F2FTour.com website. F2F will also assist in any media requests to help promote events.

Additional Commercial Opportunities

Destination Events

If you wish to host a larger scale event in your area that qualifies players for the Regional Championship, please contact us. We are looking forward to supporting innovative tournament concepts from across Canada. The goal of this program is to support the competitive community of Canada. We look forward to working alongside you! 

Vendor Booths

Our flagship events, the Tour Weekend, will feature vendor booth opportunities for Canadian retailers. If you wish to vend at one of our events and bring your retail expertise to Canada’s largest MTG event, please contact us.

For other vendor and sponsorship opportunities, click here.

Event Changes

In the event you need to change your event date or format, please contact us! Your success is our priority!