Events for Everyone!

The upcoming Tour Weekends are not just the large main events!  We have side events for every type of Magic player!

Just for Fun!

Constantly launching on demand drafts and Two Headed Giant Sealed each day should satisfy your casual magic itch. If they do not, Chaos Sealed could be just the thing for you!

Give Me More Competitive Magic!

With a Modern 1k Showdown and a Legacy 1k Showdown every weekend you will not run out of high stakes Magic to play. 

Magic For a Good Cause!

We are teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to help those in need. Each day there will be a Modern event for Charity with a lot of the event’s proceeds donated to Habitat for Humanity. The Sunday Commander Brawl events will also have their entries donated. 

Speaking of Commander…..

Free on demand Commander pods from 10 AM until 12 PM will get you off to a good start and on demand $5 Commander pods will keep launching all day. Get some practice for our scheduled Commander Brawl events on Sunday!

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F2F Tour Toronto Weekend

F2F Tour Calgary Weekend

F2F Tour Montreal Weekend

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