Welcome to the F2F Tour, Canada’s premiere Magic: the Gathering series. The F2F Tour features events across Canada, from large conventional halls to local game stores. It’s a celebration of everything Magic, and the home of the Canadian Magic Community.

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Our Programs

The F2F Tour will consist of three programs:

  • Tour Weekends – Our flagship three day events featuring the Tour Regional Championships.
  • Tour Stops – Our classic one day events featuring Opens. 
  • Qualifiers – Play-events open to local game stores. 

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Premier Play System

The F2F Tour will now qualify players for international play. Tour Regional Championships will award top players invitations to the Pro Tour and World Championships. The F2F Tour will be broken into 3 cycles per year. Each cycle will have two Tour Weekends, one in eastern Canada and one in the western Canada. Each Tour Weekend will have a Tour Regional Championship. Each Tour Regional Championship will contain:

  • Exclusive promo for all competitors while supplies last.
  • Eight (8) Foil exclusive promos for top competitors.
  • $20000 USD in prizes
  • Eight (8) Invitations to the Pro Tour
  • One (1) Invitation to the World Championships  

Here are the cities we have chosen for our the Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 Tour Weekends:

How to Qualify for the Tour Regional Championships

Players earn invitations for the Tour Regional Championships through the following events:

  • Qualifiers
  • Opens

The number of Tour Regional Championship invitations per event are as follows:

Qualifiers Invitations
 LGS Qualifier1
 LGS Qualifier+4
 Other Qualifiers (32 players or less)4
 Other Qualifiers (33 players or more)8
 Last Chance Qualifier1
F2F Opens  
 128 players or less16
 129 players or more32

Players who earn more than one invitation per cycle are welcome to play in both Tour Regional Championships. Players who qualify once can participate in either of the two, but not both Tour Regional Championships in the cycle. Qualifiers are not region specific. Invitations awarded to top players cannot be passed down, transferred, used in another global region (outside Canada) or in a later cycle.

Qualifying Cycles 2022-2023

  • Cycle 1: July 2 – September 24, 2022
  • Cycle 2: October 1 – December 31, 2022
  • Cycle 3: January 7 – March 25, 2023

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Fun for Everyone

Both our Tour Stops and Tour Weekends host a variety of events and activities for all Magic enthusiasts. In addition to Opens, Tour Regional Championships and Qualifiers, our Tour Stops and Tour Weekends will host: 

  • Charity tournaments
  • On-demand events
  • Commander pods
  • Commander Experience Packages
  • Exclusive prizes and promos
  • Premium Vendors. Buy/Sell/Trade
  • Content creators and celebrities
  • Other Magic: The Gathering events and activities

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