Format: Pioneer

You must earn an invitation to play in the Tour Championship. The Tour Championship will be hosted on MTG Melee.

The F2F Tour Regional Championship is the top level of competitive Magic: the Gathering in Canada. Each Season one Regional Championship grants 4 top players invitations to represent Canada at the next Pro Tour, with the winner earning a spot at the World Championships. Win big with $20 000 USD of prize money up for grabs and exclusive participation promos with foil promos for top players.

You must earn an invitation to play in the Tour Championship. Invitations are won at local game store qualifiers, F2F Tour Super Qualifiers and Qualifiers, or at Friday Last Chance Qualifiers. Invitations are required for each Championship. For example, to play in both the Eastern and Western Tour Championships, a player requires two separate invitations won at two separate tournaments.
Format: Pioneer
Entry: $70
Each participant receives:
One (1) Ugin, the Spirit Dragon promo (Non-Foil)
– One (1) Playmat Golden Ticket – Choose your own Exclusive Tour Weekend Playmat (Any Playmat on the Prize Wall)

Day 1  – Saturday
Start time: 9 a.m.
8 Rounds of Swiss
5-3 or better makes Day 2

Day 2 – Sunday
Start time: 9 a.m. 
5 Rounds of Swiss
Top 8 playoffs

The Regional Championship will have open decklists.