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Canada's Magic: The Gathering Tour

The F2F Tour travels across Canada to host special Magic-filled events. Whether it's Modern, Pioneer or Commander, we have something for everyone!

For the 2020 season, the F2F Tour is now a Magic Premier Series (MPS). This means that we will be hosting events across Canada that qualify players directly to the Players Tour.

F2F Weekends

F2F Weekends will be 2-day events containing 3 main events. On Saturday, players will compete in the Tour Finals that directly qualifies the winner for the Players Tour. Sundays will feature two different F2F Opens. These weekend events, including the Tour Finals, are open to all players. There will be nine F2F Tour Weekend events in 2020:

F2F Weekends

Starting in 2020, Open Champions will earn byes and free entry for a Tour Finals. They will also have the option of converting a portion of their winnings to a travel stipend.


Starting in 2020, F2F Trials will be become F2F Preliminaries. LGSs can still apply to host these preliminary events that award the winners byes and free entry to a local F2F Open. Preliminaries will also allow select LGSs the chance to run events giving byes directly to the Tour Finals.